Inspection, Testing, Certification and Maintenance in QLD

Fire hydrants must always be operable and capable of providing adequate fire protection, so systematic maintenance and inspection are vital. It must be able to supply adequate water on demand for QFES when needed to fight a fire on your property.


Water-based fire safety installations, such as fire hydrants, are required to be tested and maintained according to the Queensland Development Code – Mandatory Part (MP) 6.1, which is a building assessment provision under the Building Act 1975, section 30. All hydrant systems also need to comply with AS1851 2012 and the relevant design approved during construction.

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How often should fire hydrants be maintained? 

Fire Hydrants should be inspected on a 6 monthly basis. However, the requirements between the 6 monthly inspection and the annual or 5 yearly inspections vary considerably as detailed below:

Fire hydrant flow testing – Annually

Flow testing performed and flow values recorded. In the case of multiple fire hydrants this is carried out on the most hydraulically disadvantaged hydrant and in accordance with the original design criteria.

Fire Hydrant flow testing - Street Hydrants

Referred to as a Flow and Pressure test, it is required for a baseline date prior to designing fire systems in new buildings / redeveloping existing sites.

Fire hydrant valve overhaul – 5 Yearly basis

Rebuilding or replacement of hydrant valves and optionally fire hose reel valves connected to the same system.

Fire hydrant hydrostatic test - Boosted systems – 5 Yearly basis

This is a specialised test and is only performed by our specialist wet services technicians after valve overhauls have been carried out.

Fire hydrant booster overhaul – 5 Yearly basis

Overhaul of the hydrant booster points. Involves strip down and rebuild of booster inlets using new valve washers

Fire hydrant booster flow test –5 yearly basis

Flow test performed to the most hydraulically disadvantaged hydrant, with system boosted and flow values recorded.


SAFE Fire Hydrant Services

  • 6 monthly and annual hydrant inspection and testing

  • 5 yearly maintenance and testing to hydrant systems

  • Monthly and annual testing to pumpsets

  • Monthly and annual testing to water storage tanks

  • 5 yearly maintenance to pump sets

  • Hydrostatic testing of fire hydrant systems

  • Failed flow test investigation

  • Booster assembly testing

  • Spring hydrant testing

  • Defect rectification work

  • Residential, commercial and industrial

  • New fire hydrant system installation


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